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How can I make these tree stumps into steps?

I have these 2 great trees stumps and want to make them in to steps going up to our hot tub. I know to sand them diwn on top but the sides I want to still have the bark on them. I want the top to be smooth and I want it all to be water proof. Any ideas? I have never done anything like this before.

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3 Responses to “How can I make these tree stumps into steps?”

  1. mrrosema said :

    about a million coats of polyeurethane, plus some sand in the poly to limit slipping

  2. gustov said :

    go to home depot and get some waterproofing stuff. it’s used on decks. you could ask someone there also. i would think that you’d need a lot if you want to do it keep the bark, which might not be possible, depending on the tree, i’m not sure though. i would think probably the thicker the waterproofing material the better.

  3. chris at hornchurch said :

    the first answer was correct. it takes an enormous amount of polyurethane varnish to coat effectively. will it be outdoors in all weathers or under cover? do you want to see the natural look of wood as well as bark? have you thought about slipping on wet surfaces? or will you have rubber matting fixed to step or sand etc used for grip? hand rails ?
    it gets complicated too as if any guests slip and get hurt you will be liable for the injuries if you have not taken all reasonable precautions against such injuries etc.
    not nice to think like that and we know you just want to see and enjoy the Wood and its ‘natural’ look. good luck. you may want to look at tables where they have used bark and wood with polished surfaces to see how they were treated.


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