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How can I make my living room brighter?

As with all other rooms inside the house, it only takes a few strokes to transform your drab living room to a fab and fun one. You don’t even have to spend so much for additional accessories you may want to put in – you can simply venture into a thrift shop. Who knows what treasure you can find?

You can begin your living room makeover with a fresh coat of paint. It is indeed much more complex than it initially looks, since you would re-consider the color scheme of your existing furniture and you might not be willing to buy new ones. But you don’t have to paint all four walls, especially if you have a small room. Just one or two walls is enough so as not to overwhelm your guest.

You can also buy soft, fluffy, or silky cushions to provide your guests with more comfort. Elaborately designed pillowcases for throw pillows are also available in various colors and designs. You can surely get one that suits your color scheme.

You may also want to consider going modern. No doubt, modern vases, stools, or rugs are definitely an interesting and refreshing change from your standard ornamental couch. You can also buy silk flowers that can accent the atmosphere of the room.

Don’t be afraid to show off your pretty face! Select a few photos with friends and family and display them prominently around the room.

For storing newspapers and magazines, purchase a small basket with an intriguing design and place it inside your living room. This can also act as an accent, and at the same time it has a valuable function.

Candles are still in. Many stores still carry candles shaped in various forms and sizes, sometimes sold together with their holders. This will add a touch of style to your living room. If you’re feeling a bit more luxurious, purchase scented candles instead.

Finally, light up the room with a stylish lamp. Not only can bring in more light, if it is interesting enough, it can even be the focal point of your whole living room.

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