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How can I make a room look larger ?

Often times, we are forced to work with the space we have, especially when the only other option is moving into a new place. Even though you must suffer with a small space, you can still make the room look bigger, to both impress guests and make you feel less compacted while you are in the room. Small rooms can be more practical and easier to maintain. But how do you make one of those small rooms look bigger? Try these four easy tips:

Place your furniture near the wall. This will open up a huge space in the middle of the room, thus making it look larger than it would if you had your furniture placed away from the walls. If you can fit everything (besides your TV) near one wall, even better.

Take out anything you don’t need. A lot of side tables and lamps help spice up a room, but it also cramps up the room. The fewer items you have in the room, the larger it will seem.

Downsize your furniture. Maybe you can make do with a loveseat and two small disc chairs, instead of a full-size sofa and two recliners. Maybe you can put your 32” flat screen on the wall, instead of having it in a huge entertainment center. If you downsize the items in your room, it will make the room look bigger.

Place 8 to 10 wall-length mirror panels next to each other on one of your walls. This is a trick that is sometimes used in apartments to help “open up” the main living area. That way, your room looks double the size, even though you know it really isn’t, and you don’t feel “blocked in”.
Although there are numerous ways to help make a room look larger, start with these four easy steps to see of they help you.

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