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How can I keep weeds out of my garden ?

The best way to keep weeds away from your garden is to prevent their intrusion from the start. Weed can take the life off from your beautiful garden. If you already have weeds in your garden, you can drag them away by following these simple steps. You will need a lot of newspaper, soil test kit, weeding stick, and mulch of your desire; it can be barkdust or compost.

You must first work with a small space at a time. With your digger, thoroughly take any weeds and so as their offending roots out. Use your soil test kit and test out the soil’s acidity or alkalinity. If you do not have a soil test kit, check the type of weeds you have on the soil. Research shows that dandelions, wood, dock, and sorrel loves acidic soil, and pennycress, ironweed, sagebrush, peppergrass, and woody aster flock is to alkaline soil. You can check the acidity or the soil’s alkalinity manually if you have a hydrangea. Pink flower means that you have alkaline soil, blue mean acid and a purple gives you a soil with just the right range to grow plants you want to put in bed.

If you have an acidic or too alkaline soil, you may need to amend it. It is best to add good homemade compost yearly to the bed. For acidic soil, you can add lime on the compost and apply more often. The lime no only treat the acidity o your soil but will provide nutrients for the plants as well. If you have an alkaline soil, you can water plats with vinegar solution.

As soon as your soil is treated, put thick layers of newspaper on the top of the soil and quickly cover it with any mulch you desire. If you are planning to add plant on the bed, just scrape the mulch, cut through the newspaper, and put the mulch back after planting.

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