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How can I hold a successful yard sale ?

Many people hold a yard sale for various reasons; some want to get rid of unused item during spring-cleaning, while others need extra money. Regardless of your reason, you should aim to sell at least 75% of your items to earn more money. Here are some simple tips you can use in selling more items and getting more money for them.

1) Advertise – Schedule a date for your yard sale and advertise on your local paper with details, such as date, address and other important information. If your house is hidden from the main street, you can even include a map to your place. Many people watch out for yard sales on local papers religiously, particularly if you have collectibles lying around that you’ll be selling. As such, when placing an ad, make sure you post catchy wordings and indicate your big items, which would attract more buyers. Popular yard sale items are sporting equipments, furniture, toys and kid’s clothing. You can include these items on your ad if you’re selling such items.

2) Price tags – To avoid haggling during your yard sale, make sure to cut the prices ahead of time. Meaning, when you’re making tag prices for the items for sale, instead of placing a price of $50 for a wooden chair, place $75 and cross it out, then list down $50 beside it (using bold colors like red or neon colors). This would give the buyer a feeling that they’re getting a good deal from the items.

3) History – Since most of the items on yard sales are already used, you can give your potential buyers a background of an item they’re checking out. You can tell a story about the item. For instance, if a buyer is eyeing on a rocking chair, tell him or her that your grandmother, who is a passionate painter, refurbished the rocking chair she bought in the 1940s by carving the wood and painting intricate details. By adding sentimental value to the chair, it won’t be just a beaten up chair, but a rocking chair with history and meaning.

4) Think of your buyers – People buy in malls because items are categorized very well. Do the same with your yard sale to make browsing the items easier and faster for your buyers. Many people become overwhelmed by unorganized yard sales, which usually make items look like trash.

5) Entertain – Don’t just stand on the sidelines waiting for people to buy your items. Be friendly and accommodating. Treat each buyer like guests and you’ll surely attract more customers. This works like a charm because even if people are not interested in the items they see, they may just as well buy some small item to help you clean out the yard. Smile as much as you can and you’ll see how this little gesture goes a long way when you’re counting your earnings.

By following these tips, you can hold a successful yard sale without sacrificing your items to lower prices.

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