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How can I hide speaker cables ?

As home theater systems are becoming a lot more affordable and popular, many people are shifting from using the traditional stereo systems with two speakers to the audio systems that have 5 or 7 channels. And though there are those wireless surround-sound systems available, good quality speaker cables could usually guarantee good, clean and unhampered sound. However, with great quality sound, there could be one problem and that would be how you could conceal the wiring. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to cleverly hide speaker cables whether they are the traditional ones or the flatwire speaker cables. Here are some of them.

The first and most common to conceal standard speaker cables would be to route them on the baseboard with the use of cord channeling. Basically, cord channeling is made with durable PVC and is available in lengths of 5 feet or 1.5 meters. Cord channeling comes in two types: the first one would be “flat” channeling and the second one would be “round” or tunnel channeling. These two types feature some heavy-duty adhesive backing. After the cord has gone through the channeling, it could then be pressed on the baseboard carefully for permanent adherence.

Through cord channeling, speaker cables are not only hidden but are also protected. You can get it in beige or white and can be bought at almost any home improvement center. It is inexpensive and practical, as it could be cut to any length and comes with optional snap-on connectors and elbows which would be able to cleverly finish corners as well as cover
seams where the channel sections meet. After installing cord channeling, it could even add to the whole look of your baseboard.

If you are building your house or doing some remodeling, you could choose to have the speaker cables to run through your walls, floor space or ceiling space instead. Doing so would usually require more work compared to cord channeling and is also more expensive. One possible disadvantage of running the wires and cables inside a particular structure would be that you would need to know exactly where your speakers will be located.

You could also just make use of flatwire speaker cables. This type of speaker cables is ribbon-like, thin but wide. These cables can be safely run under your carpets. It can also be run on the walls and then spackled, painted or wall-papered over.

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