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How can I get started identifying plants in the Northeast US?

Always wanted to be able to go into the woods and find medicinal herbs, spices, and food to eat. But I’d rather not risk my life doing the trial and error thing. I’ve always respected those who are able to walk through the woods and point out everything around them. Is there some kind of guide for beginners or should I just start studying plant anatomy?
Thanks for the ideas… but not really what I was looking for. We all know that most anything can be learned from a book or a college class.

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3 Responses to “How can I get started identifying plants in the Northeast US?”

  1. pondlady said :

    Here’s a book from the Navy Seals. That should get you started.

  2. Chicken in Black said :

    There are all kinds of books and websites out there that can help you in what you want to know. Depending on where you are you can also see if there are workshops or other classes offered by your local cooperative extension, colleges, or even clubs and groups.

    Have fun, it’s neat to be able to go in the woods or fields and know what is what out there 🙂

  3. Bares mom said :

    Try checking with your local county cooperative extension service, as they may have information or classes that you can take for little or no charge. Most counties have them — check your phone book.


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