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How can I do Home-Remodeling on a budget?

With the rising prices today, remodeling seems like a luxury rather than a necessity. It has long been believed that in order to remodel your home according to your preferences, you would have to spend a fortune. However, this need not be so anymore. With a lot of creativity and a lot of perseverance to find just the right furniture for you, you can remodel your space and at the same time show off your creative juices. Home makeovers are not only a great way to channel all of your creative energies; it will make your home more comfortable for you as well.

In home remodeling, consider these basic steps:

1. Choose the room you want to remodel. It can be the den, the bedroom, or your kitchen.

2. Write down what additional furniture you think you want to have, such as additional cabinets, a computer table, or additional bookshelves. Write down what you want to do with the room as well (repaint, allot more space for certain activities, redo the decorations are some examples).

3. Decide on what theme you would like the room to have based on what you like doing (i.e. safari themes, golf and other sports themes, etc.)

4. Gather all the stuff significant to you and set them aside. You can choose to put it temporarily on a table in the other room.

5. Decide about the general aura of the room. Do you want it to be formal, open, cozy, or fun?

6. Larger furniture should be placed in the center of the room, smaller ones should lean on the walls.

7. Directly opposite the entrance, hang one large picture to serve as your room’s focal point.

8. Use that photo as the basis of the colors you use on the other stuff inside the room.

9. Begin adding a few more small pieces, such as frames or statuettes, preferably in groups of three.

10. You may want to have a carpet or rug on areas that may have a lot of traffic at certain times so as to avoid ruining surfaces or having marks or dents on the floors.

11. In case you are still not satisfied and you are sure that paint is what you lack, take a picture of the room you arranged for future reference, and paint the room yourself. Hiring help will only cost more.

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