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How can I create my own flower garden ?

Setting up your very own flower garden can be a lot of fun, particularly when you have little kids. Children usually love seeing the various bright colors as well as watching insects and butterflies that would be flitting about in your garden.

If you would like to create your own flower garden, the first thing to do would be to decide its location and its size. There are a lot of flowers which could grow well either in the shade or in full sun but most of the more beautiful flowers like roses thrive best under the sun. If you are concerned with the appearance of your flower garden and are planning to make use of the flowers for arrangements inside your house, then you might probably want to have your flower garden somewhere which is not in plain sight for visitors to see.

After determining the site of your flower garden as well as the amount of sunlight that your plants would be receiving, you could start doing some research. You could try walking around your neighborhood and then observe other gardens. Check out which flowers are doing well and which are not.

You could also try visiting a botanical garden or a nearby park to get some inspiration for your flower garden. These places would be able to show you which kinds of flowers and plants grow best in your area and what they would look like. You could then look into your many options like whether you would like to have a garden full of wildflowers or a formal English garden, whether you would be going for pastels or for flowers that have vibrant colors, and many others.

You would also need to think about whether you would planting all annuals, all perennials or a mix of both. Keep in mind that perennials are relatively more expensive, however they live from one year to another so you would not need to buy a batch of new plants yearly as is the case with the cheaper annuals. You could do a mix of the two so that you would just be doing a bit of replanting every year.

You would also need to consider height as you plan your flower garden. If you are planning to make your flower garden a border which is intended to be viewed from just a single direction, you would probably be better off using larger flowering plants such as sunflowers, along with some flowering shrubs You could have the flowers gradually becoming smaller as they get to the front portion of the flower bed. Through this technique, all the flowers can be seen at once.

Before starting to do some planting, you would basically need to clear out the area where you would be having it, which means you might need to get rid of any old mulch as well as weeds. You could then put fertilizer which is meant for use with flowers. You could then plant your flowering plants, following the directions indicated on their labels, keep your garden well-watered and you would surely be able to enjoy your beautiful flower garden.

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