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How can I clean a starch caked iron?

My iron has starch caked on the non stick surface and it’s not usable. Is there a way to clean that off or do I have to toss it and get a new one?

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17 Responses to “How can I clean a starch caked iron?”

  1. rlawr52 said :

    make a paste of baking soda and water and brush the soleplate an old clean toothbrush dipped in the paste.
    see p.349 for further approaches

  2. flowerlady60 said :

    Boy am I running into problems I never have anymore. Because I don’t iron. Well, here it is. Use a warmed up Brillo type pad PLENTY of pink soap left and then old fashioned scrubbing. Rinse to keep pink soap OUT of steam vents unless you like added attraction of pink goop hissing out onto your husbands dress white shirt, that is. Take care.

  3. Synth said :

    try cleaning it with baking soda and a toothbrush. if this does not work, try plugging it in, and using a low setting, ironing over a fabric softener.

  4. mel s said :

    There are little tubes of iron cleaner at Wal-Mart. Also, if you are considering throwing it away if you can’t get it clean, try vinegar. It eats away the buildup on coffee pots, and should do it.

  5. ChisloJedno1(Slovak="Number said :

    Throw it out into the trash,and then go out to purchase another—by this metod,it’ll keep the economy agoin’—lol!!!

  6. icruiseon2 said :

    Use a razor blade to remove the thick stuff then put table salt on a towel with low heat. Run the iron over the salt changing to clean salt as necessary

  7. jkn143 said :

    Warm it up to a low setting, and rub an emory board over the stain. or you could use a fine grit sand paper, but I like the emory board because they are thick and you won’t get burned thruogh them. I swear this will work. 🙂

  8. justcurious said :

    in the future if you make your own starch spray it won’t gunk up your iron–take a spray bottle with a tsp. of cornstarch and fill with water- shake it to mix it and you’re ready to go. be sure to empty it out when your done. You can even put rose water in it for a fresh scent. AS for cleaning it now try regular dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush- rinse well.

  9. whitefleur369 said :

    Since it’s a non-stick surface, don’t scrub with anything abrasive. Have your tried ironing (hot setting) on a damp wash cloth? It might work.

  10. Rochelle N said :

    If you want to saftly clean it there is a tube of stuff that they have just come out with to clean irons. I saw it at Wal-Mart last week.

  11. Peggy B said :

    I’ve never had to do this myself, buy my mom
    used to put the iron on low and then put a
    piece of wax paper on a towel and iron it. Just remember to put the iron on LOW.

  12. laney said :

    easy off oven cleaner

  13. Joy said :

    In Robert Dyas I got this little stick (like the size of a lipstick) by Rowenta – it’s solid and when the iron is warm you run it up and down the plate and it gets off anything on the plate, It is really good.

  14. davidt said :

    i think your iron has suffocated,let off the last of it steam,i think you will destroy the plate if you try and scrape it off

  15. Kim G said :

    They make an iron cleaner just for that purpose. they sell it at Walmart. Look in the section where they sell irons or in the section that carries cleaning supplies. I think it comes in a tube.

  16. Clean_Up_Your_Own_Mess said :

    Walmart has iron cleaner, comes in wee little tube ( not enough get two) squirt it on an old towel, firmly rub HOT iron over it ( stinks like no tomorrow)( smokes too, dont wig out its ok) then get another towel and make sure you got it all off. let cool. you may have to repeat.

  17. Kitties_4me2 said :

    Rubbing alcohol and cottonballs. Rub and watch it disappear!


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