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How can I build a backyard rollercoaster ?

Building a roller coaster is not an easy task for it requires knowledge in construction and physics. However, a small model would be fun, requires little working time in your backyard and enough knowledge would be enough.

First, make sure to have enough space for a roller coaster. Make a design how you want the car to be, you can use either a toy car or a flat board that can hold the rider and stay on the track. Remember the hill height on your track, if the first one is lower than the next, the car will not have enough energy to get through the next hill.

The next thing is you need to do is get the car up on the first hill. Without electricity, we are looking at getting the car up manually. Decide if you want to start on the top then the riders gets in or pull with the rider already on it. Then, prepare your materials for the track. You will be using a combination of lumber and pipe, make sure that your materials are strong and reliable.

Finally, create the car so it is securely grabbing the track. It will be better creating two sets of wheel. You can have the first set of wheels on the top of the track and the second one is underneath o along the side of the track. Remember that the track design requires laws of motion and physics, no matter what size you are building, the car should always generate enough energy to make it through each hill.

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