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How can I attract blue birds into my garden ?

A blue bird beautifies and gives color to any garden or yard. Due to their slowly thinning population, you will be aiding effort to increase their habitat by caring and attracting them in your own garden. Besides the joy it can bring, you will also be doing a great favor to the environment. If you are planning to see some blue birds in your yard, you can follow these tips to help you attracts blue birds.

First is to give them a place to live and multiply. You can do this by mounting a box that would serve as a nest. In accordance to the North American Blue Bird Society, you should create the nest by providing good ventilation, watertight, with drains and easy to monitor and clean. Position your blue bird box four to six feet in height in grassland.

Another tip to attract blue bird is to give them mealworms, but they also feed on wild berries and insects. You can also plant berries and fruit trees near or in your garden and you not only attract blue birds but other birds as well. You can also add birdbaths for them to drink and clean themselves. This is a great attraction not only for blue birds. Remember that it should not be more than three feet deep.

Provide the most in demand nesting material for blue birds. They like their nest soft and pine needles are on the top of their lists. Watch for house sparrows for they take over your nest box. If house sparrows are already nesting, take away their nest, usually, it is just a pile of scraps.

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