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How can I attract birds and butterflies to my garden ?

Attracting pests in your garden is very easy, but if you want your garden beautified by butterflies and birds, you can start by growing and designing your garden with a few garding techniques.

Imported plants and flowers attract imported pests such as sparrows and starlings. Start growing native flowers and plants and you will see local butterflies and birds in your garden. This is because you are giving them their natural diet and habitat.

Water feature in garden such as birdbath will attract butterflies and birds. Everybody needs a wash and a drink every now and then. There is nothing more fascinating than watching a bird bathing and they will appreciate it.

There are certain plants that attract butterflies and birds and the most famous is the milkweed. Monarch butterflies find milkweed irresistible. You may see milkweed eaten by caterpillars, but you don’t have to worry for it will grow back fast to give you flowers.

Do not forget to include some trees in your garden for it attracts birds for perches and nesting. There are birds and butterflies that feed only on specific plants, you will see more of these beautiful fliers if you keep some native plants in your garden. However, if you want a certain species butterfly or bird in your garden, might as well do some research on the plants they love the most.

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