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Has anyone in Arizona been successful with container gardening?

I have been successful with regular gardening. But every thing I grew in pots died.

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5 Responses to “Has anyone in Arizona been successful with container gardening?”

  1. jerald s said :

    Hello, I live in Yuma and its very hard to grow things in pots in AZ. But there is a secret… Hide the pot it self from the sun. what i do is put a smaller pot in front of the big pot then put a smaller pot in front of that one and so on. Or grow hanging plants around the edges of a big pot and grow what you want in the middle. you see the problem is the sun bakes the pot and dries out the roots or cooks them so hide them from the sun. Jerald

  2. D C said :

    The pots get too hot and the plant roots end up cooking. They need to be insulated from not only the sun but the heat as well. Put smaller containers inside larger ones, have at least 3 inches all the way around, and fill this area with something like bark that won’t conduct more heat. Also, I did really well with a north facing shade container garden when living in Arizona. Good luck!

  3. Jae said :

    yeah,but it depends on what you plant and it you are watering regular and if the containers have sufficient drainage.

  4. OZZIEGAL said :

    container gardening can work for you if you follow a few simple steps.
    make sure your containers are big enough, i try to use containers a little bigger than suggested as it helps keep more moisture in the soil.
    then i have found the best way to protect the roots from the intense heat is to put one container inside another. make sure you have an inch or so space all the way around between the two containers. now, fill this space with sheets of styrofoam cut to size, you can get styrofoam from your local home depot type store and its quite cheap. [if you can’t find sheets then use styrofoam peanuts, but pack them in good and tight!]
    the styrofoam will shield the roots from the heat, once you have planted your flowers, cover the top of the soil with an inch or more of wood mulch. the mulch will again help keep roots cool but more importantly is it will help keep moisture in the soil.
    choose plants that are drought resistant, succulents are great.
    last but surely not least, water frequently!
    i hope you have success with your containers! they always add great color to decks, porches, patios and gardens!

  5. IKRAM said :

    container gardening is a very good idea it helps to improve the look of ur garden. but u should be very careful about the type of plants u r going to put in containers.


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