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Gardening tips, Annual year round collection of flowers?

Ok, I’m trying to find flowers, that will grow in ireland, that are annual.
I’m trying to make windowboxes that never have to be changed, that old flowers grow when the ones before them are dying, that doesnt have to be reset and every year the flowers come again. I like daffodills, but they only last for a certain amount of time. Does anyone Know a collection of flowers I could stick into the boxes for a year round(or close to) annual flowering?? Plus I have hanging baskets if you have any annual trailing one?

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2 Responses to “Gardening tips, Annual year round collection of flowers?”

  1. drP said :

    You do not want annuals you want perennials, things that come back every year.

    try daffodils and tulips with fuchsias and of course ivy. Heathers are constant too.

    The thing you must realise is that these plants all grow bigger and will occupy more space all the time so you will have to ‘thin’ them out and give a good feed, like growmore.

    I am afraid that unless you use plastic flowers there is no such thing as a permanent garden.

  2. fox said :

    Try some evergreens like lavender or rosemary together with some spring bulbs like daffs and tulips and some small perennials that are also hardy so will survive the winters.


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