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Gardening. Can you name any type of plants that re-grow every year? ?

I am new to gardening and I love it. Problem is im not to keen on planting every year. I would prefer to plant a rose bush that dies every winter and flowers every spring. Plants like that,

Flowers, fruit, Trees, anything.

Thank you

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8 Responses to “Gardening. Can you name any type of plants that re-grow every year? ?”

  1. Ragman said :

    have only got Fuschias in my garden and they are annual

  2. L D said :

    Hostas are anuals, don’t take any lookin after other than smothering in slug pellets cos the little sods love ’em!

  3. Worldly25 said :

    They are called perennials. Return every year. The easiest to grow is the Black Eyed Susan. Peonies, Irises, Tiger Lilies. Come spring just check out your garden center and browse the perennial section

  4. Philip T said :

    Sparrow, to start gardening it is best to start with the easiest plants and to make sure the soil is properly prepared so that you have good results. Starting small is also a good idea because you can add more each year as you learn more. My experience is one of the toughest flowers is the iris and the other is the daffodil. 1) Prepare the soil by digging up a 2 foot by 4 foot area and mix in one large bag of peat moss. Iris’s need to be planted half in and half out of the soil. Daffodil’s need to be buried about 6 inches in the soil. Then let go and let God. They will look beautiful and you will feel successful.

  5. cewil said :

    Your looking for perennials. if you like roses, try a “knock out” there relatively new and they bloom year round, depending what zone your in. Look online for your zone, then go from there. Plenty of choices out there.

  6. Steve S said :

    Bulbs are good. And they are not just for spring. You could keep a garden in bloom from late winter to autumn with bulbs alone. If you steer clear of the fussy alpines, with most of them you just plant them and forget them. Maybe lift and divide every three years once they’re established, give them an organic feed once a year. Grow them under your lawn, in beds, in pots. Some are good for shade, some for full sun, lots of choice!

  7. John L said :

    All plants that are listed on the label as Perennial will grow on every year, but some although are perennials will be killed by frost, as an example, Geraniums will grow well every year but will not survive in a climate that gets a frost, as an answer to you question select plants that are labelled as perennials but check with the seller that they are frost hardy, as there is a vast amount available you will have a large choice of plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees.

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