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Do you think lawn art would add value to my home?

I had the front done in a French Classic style and I like it very much. But I’ve been told by the local patio and outdoor decor company that I need to “spruce” it up a bit. Add a little color. I rather like pink flamingos (they remind me of my time in Africa) but I am also concerned if they will actually add any value. I would need about 250 of them to make a statement, as was suggested by the salesman.

My other concern is if they would attract the local hunters. I dare say, many of them don’t seem the sober type.

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10 Responses to “Do you think lawn art would add value to my home?”

  1. angeline said :


  2. David J said :

    Anything that makes the house more desirable to anyone makes the value go up.

  3. A C said :

    Sorry the company that makes the pink flamingos went out of business. Looks like you’ll have to go another route. How about 100 or so bunny rabbits, a few deer, and maybe even a baby Jesus.

  4. schwildcat1977 said :

    The salesman was just trying to sell you something.

    Too much crap on your lawn will decrease your value and just look tacky. What increases value as far as lawns go is well groomed.

    If you want to add color….get some flowers – they will look better and last longer.

  5. dali333 said :

    personally i would prefer to see (many)painted wooden cut outs of various disney creatures strategically placed throughout the yard. a few flamingos wouldnt hurt though (i guess).
    how about one of those inside-out tire planters as well…plastic flowers inside would add perky color year round.

    at night, a solar cross or two would add a lovely element as well.
    happy sale!

  6. Pippi Von Trapp™ said :

    That salesman steered you wrong!

    If your lawn is done in French Classic, the best lawn art would be a Monet or even a Seurat. Just be sure to wrap the bottom side of the antique frame in plastic before shoving it down in the ground — to, you know, protect the wood.

  7. onemocc said :

    in a word, no. I may make your house more marketable and more appealing but it will not add to the value of the house. the only thing that will add to the value of the is adding square footage by adding a room or converting a basement to living space. Reroofing the house, replacing windows or carpet would make someone more likely to buy the house because it would be less maintainance down the road but would not increase the value of it.

  8. Pearl said :

    Only those Pink Flamingos. They don’t make them anymore (no joke they don’t) How about some little dwarfs or boys peeing fountain water into a basin? Those are cool!!!

  9. nodixiechic2000 said :

    you are right 250 of them would make a statement!

    “Kill me now oh drunken hunters”

    now that is worth its weight in gold!

  10. enzyme306 said :

    Make sure you check all of the city ordinances, or legally, your flamingos might not have a leg to stand on.


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