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Do you have any gardening tips?

I am new to the whole gardening thing and i just planted 4 yellow tomato plants. Do you have any gardening tips?

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7 Responses to “Do you have any gardening tips?”

  1. MWF•GenX•CO•USA said :

    This is what you want to do… find a mentor. A neighbor, a friend, a relative, someone who lives near you and is a green thumb. Not only will they give you great advice geared towards your climate zone, they will probably also give you all kinds of clippings and plantings to use in your own garden!

  2. kimballama said :

    Put a pinch of soil moist under each plant so they will not dry out. Mulch them with newspaper and straw to cut down on weeds and to help the plants. Be sure to fertilize on a regular basis. Depending on where you live you may need lime in the soil.

  3. Bettee62 said :


  4. carolina b said :

    make sure you prepare your soil with fertilizer and soak it well before adding your plant. if it is already a plant, make sure it is planted in full sun and that you give it supplements for plants such as Miraclegrow, they offer the stuff in liquid and sticks. tomatoes love calcium enriches soil. if you want to start a tomato plant from see, just take the desired tomato, poke a few holes in it and plant it. i know it sound bizzare, but you see, the meat around the seeds nourishes the seeds and fertilizes it. thats how tomatos reproduce in the wild. good luck with your planting!, oh one more thing, you may want to use a pot to prevent nematoads, they are little bugs that eat your tomatos. i learned all this because im a registered gardener. youll do fine. if i could do it, you definately can.

  5. Needtoknow said :

    My tip. If tomatoes are in garden, wait to water in evening when the sun is not hitting them directly. This will give the water time to seep into the ground and will not steam your plants. Also don’t over water them. If you do, when your tomatoes start ripening, they will burst open. Fertilize with miracle grow do not use cow manuer after planted. Will burn roots. Hope you have a bunch of juicy tomatoes!!

  6. blondie said :

    lots of water & sun everyday. I love growing tomatoes. try burpee’s the one’s from lowes r great. oh when they start growing u need to keep off ground with tomato cages. plant a few marigold flowers close to keep pests away. Have fun.

  7. johnny puro said :

    yes i recommend asking around too, you never know what kind of seedlings or clippings a nice neighbor might give you…Nothing is better than free 🙂


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