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Do you guys have any ideas for me to generate more business as a handyman?

I like to do home repairs, especially for people selling their homes. I have a couple of agents I work for and I build room additions etcetera. I’m just wondering if anyone has any good ideas on how I can get more business.
Good tips! Thanks! I’ve also noticed when I advertise it gets competitive. How can I get more work without always just giving the lowest price.

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4 Responses to “Do you guys have any ideas for me to generate more business as a handyman?”

  1. rjrmpk said :

    Its all about advertising.

    Try small hardware stores in your area – they may have a posting board. Remember to buy stuff from them, too.

    See if your local paper has an inexpensive way to list an ad. Many have deals if you buy a weeks worth or longer.

    Tell people that you’ve done work for that you’ll pay them a small finder’s fee for new business.

    Make sure you have business cards and business card magnets.

    (Make sure you have a business license, too.)

  2. butterfly said :

    Make up flyers and go to the supermarket and shopping mall parking lots and put them on peoples windshields. I see alot of people doing this when they’re looking for work. Good Luck!!

  3. john said :

    ok ive done what you do right now, but i got bigger,
    i now offer a service, this is how it works, you print , a statment up , saying you , paint, roof,repair,sinks doors, windows,clean gutters out etc .
    then include this , i charge, $125 for a survey , i walk around ,and check ,every thing , included in your list , once a year , i get payed ,in advance , so you go out , and find the door needed replaced. , well thats the price, of the door plus labour …. , so in fact you got ,$125 .plus this job ,
    i found to get repeat buiness, you need to keep up with , the people your service,
    so the person ,bought the house, did you leave a buiness card?, did you send them a welcome home card, includeing you buiness card, then 6 ths later a post card saying , is anything i can do ,in your new home ?
    think about this for a min , new tracks,cleaning out the gutters, mowing the lawn , trimming the trees back ,
    think what people need, and act on it .. if you tell people in writing what you can do , then there aware of it ,and will call you , one more think , if you work for a real estate people, put up your prices by 10% if you have to wait for your money ,
    if you need more help , email me ,
    and stop beening a handy man ,and become a remodler,
    it pays better , looks better , and you will feel elevated by it ,
    good luck

  4. plain jane said :

    Most cities of any size now have “craigslist.” It’s free to post want ads of all kinds, including handyman for hire. If you have a flyer printed, business cards, etc., PLEASE have someone proof-read it for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors: the last thing you want to do is look like a ‘hick’ on paper OR in person. Always dress neatly (no backward baseball cap, no ‘inappropriate’ T-shirts, no sagging/butt-crack jeans, no 3-day beard, etc.). Always carry business cards, always carry your cell phone, always call people back and always deliver what you promise. Most importantly, know your limits! Don’t take on jobs that are beyond your skill-set. Be neat on the job and clean up afterwards, including hauling trash, debris, etc., away.


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