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Can you have your own airplane landing strip on your house?

I would have to say a huge ranch, but would the city permit it? Especially if you are far away from other houses and aren’t bothering anyone.

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16 Responses to “Can you have your own airplane landing strip on your house?”

  1. holeeycow said:

    no but i have a airplane hanger attached to my house

  2. Dark Angel said:

    This can be arranged if you have plenty of money

  3. Nice G said:

    Yes, depending on location. I have two different friends with airplane landing strips on their ranches.

  4. Confused said:

    nope. definately not.

  5. Drey said:

    Well, in America, you can do just about anything.
    But you would need to get serious approval from the government.
    And of course, the people to make the airplane strip.

  6. Popeye ! said:

    If you are Forbes 400 member then yes.

  7. paige b said:

    probly not, for safty resons ur house would probaly colapse u could maybe have one near your house but not on it

  8. LucyLou said:

    Maybe not on your house but it is fine to have it some where close to your house. Get the correct permits.

  9. C C said:

    You have to get permits upon permits, but yes, you can have your own private landing strip. Lots of people have them.

  10. Aeriel said:

    i don’t think so. You have to be a billionaire and that stuff. the city won’t permit it.

  11. AlCapone said:

    ya you need a permit, it’d have to outside of city limits most likely.

    even then only certian classes of planes could land there. no 747’s

  12. wicked.aliens said:

    I am sure that if you had soooooo much money
    You can do anything you want
    youd be able to buy your block
    no one would complain afterwards
    plus your building a land strip not an air port
    so it wouldn’t be too noisy

  13. extex_cop said:

    If your house is inside City Limits….NO….if its out in the country….you’ll only have to clear it with the FAA.

  14. Bert C said:

    In the US, yes. You need permits from your state before applying to the FAA, then you need one from the FAA. Some states also require that you get approval or a permit from your county or parrish. And you must meet county and state zoning and permitting laws before the FAA will approve your application. There are some restrictions such as distance from man made structures of different heights, proximity to other airports or wilderness areas or controlled airspace, etc. so no guarentee the permits will be granted but it IS possible and costs VERY LITTLE other than the actual construction costs.


  15. Landon said:

    You can have one ON your house. Do you know how much reinforcement that would need? be realistic man, a helicopter landing pad on your house is plausible, and is allowed in my town, but it is a small town. You could get a landing strip on a piece of land as long as it was long enough, but depending where you live this may not be permitted. My boss has a private jet and a landing strip and its allowed here, but i dont know about where you live

  16. Kevin said:

    Bert is 100% correct. You don’t even need a huge ranch. I’ve seen them running along side roads in neighborhoods before. Chances are you’ve seen then too, but havent noticed it. These aren’t huge concrete strips that you could land a jet on. Most are simply 2,000 feet long or so strips of grass, well cut, with a windsock and maybe a modified free standing garage servign as a hangar. Sometimes they get fancy and line each side with tires that have been painted white so you can eyeball the edges of the runway. FAA sectionals (aviation maps) are littered with private fields. Heck while flying I’ve seen almost as many private unmarked fields as I have actual airports.


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