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Can I really save money by installing a Renai tankless water heater?

I have a 4,000 sq foot home with 2 25 gallon water heaters that are hooked up in Tandam. When one blew a few years ago the plumber said just do two, so you will have plenty of water. I was thinking about getting rid of both of them and getting a tankless water heater, but I understand that with purchase and installation, it could run $2,000 or more. Is it worth it?

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7 Responses to “Can I really save money by installing a Renai tankless water heater?”

  1. kevrigger said :


  2. pinelake302 said :

    Although the initial cost is more over the years it will pay for itself. that is if it is gas, electric will cost more over the years.

  3. regerugged said :

    They only you get ahead with a tankless water heater is if you don’t use hot water much. The advertisers claim a gas savings of up to70%. Tankless is not more efficient or better. It just does not burn gas to keep water hot in storage.

  4. mysticduder said :

    If you’re th only one using hot water, I’d say go for it, but since you have a tandem 2-tank system I guess there’s a whole family using hot water and the dishwasher etc. I wouldn’t bother.

  5. loud_butt_trumpet said :

    Yes, as long as you don’t need too much hot water at one time you’ll really like the tankless.

  6. sensible_man said :

    I am not a fan of tankless heaters. The initial cost and installation takes a long time to recoup. Many plumbers will install them but not do service work on them. If you have hard water, don’t even consider them.

  7. Uncle Johnny said :

    Nope ! go to and see why not


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