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Can anyone help with a gardening question?

This is for a friend who has inherited an old VW pick-up truck and has natural green fingers (as far as window boxes are concerned). She wants to try out being a gardener for a living, with the truck and a few basic tools, but she knows very little about the UK market.

What is involved in being a self-employed gardener? Are there any resources/ organisations she can take a look at? And what are the different types of gardener (eg, Landscape gardener surely does big-scale stuff, but doesn’t plant flower beds, etc etc).

Is there a good book for beginners or a relevant UK class at night school that’d help?

Thanks a lot!

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7 Responses to “Can anyone help with a gardening question?”

  1. Gary F said :

    destroy the truck and buy one that will work and not cripple her income.

    then ask this again

  2. Duisend-poot said :

    Why not approach the local Councel , they may be able to help her or she can even work for them. Sounds like something i would love to do, only if the weather is perfect though.:)))) I wish her luck :))

  3. slice264 said :

    Register as self employed with the inland revenue and then advertise advertise advertise.
    And get an answerphone

  4. jamand said :

    Some colleges offer courses on gardening but it isn’t as simple as that – there are a lot of factors to take into account when gardening – soil types for one – acid or alkaline!

    Many many books on the market will help – I use the Garden Expert book range by Dr D G Hessayon – they list all the plants – soil types needed – give guides on how to build and maintain rockeries etc etc – how to cultivate cuttings – these can be picked up on eBay for relatively little cost – or in shops at about £8 per book – there are a lot in the complete series

  5. Elvis Paisley said :

    A commendable, if somewhat financially unrewarding career beckons. The best place to start is the website for the Royal Horticultural Society

    Best of luck with it.

  6. olivia54984 said :

    I would recommend she apprentice herself to an established gardener or landscaper.

  7. gary k said :

    ive been a pro for 20yrs,being just a gardener is v hard & as im multi skilled can turn my hand to most things.You need to be as diverse as your clients & the weather. There seems to be no end of work if your willing to do it but if you specialise then you immeadiately limit your income. This work could be tried on a part time basis as a trial.As for books,their ok for basics but you cant beat experience. Many ppl think this job is easy,its hard,can be cold & wet.Also the sun isnt good for you & neither is working in 37c!!!!


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