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Can anyone give me tips on venetian plaster?

I am applying this and am following the directions but it does not look at all like it is supposed to. When it is wet it looks good then it dries overnight and it looks like ordinary paint. Also how bad would it look if I have one wall painted like this and do another wall regular paint w/o texture? I would have two different textures. any ideas?
I am burinshing and polishing afterwards. I should have said how would it look if I have one wall painted with venetian plaster and the other adjacent wall with a flat paint?

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2 Responses to “Can anyone give me tips on venetian plaster?”

  1. Michelle L said :

    Are you burnishing as the final step? Burnishing will make it shine and reflect.

    Having one accent wall in venetian plaster is fine. I’m not sure exactly what you’re attempting to do, but venetian plaster should have NO texture at all. it is slick like glass and is to simulate marble.

  2. Veneshe Master Venetian Plaster said :

    The commercially available “Venetian Plasters” are actually paint-based formulations and not plaster at all. They do burnish on the final coat, but it takes some muscle power to bring out the shine (it’s a little easier if you don’t wait as long as they recommend) and the shine is not nearly as reflective as with authentic Venetian plasters from Italy. It can tend to be a little cloudy or matte in some areas, but nevertheless, you can get some decent results using these products, and for many people, this is the starting point for researching the all-natural alternatives for their next project.
    We have many clients who choose to have just one accent wall in Venetian plaster or another highly decorative or a textured finish, to contrast with other painted walls. It can really make the accent wall pop, without overwhelming the room. You can see examples of this on our website at We have an Ask the Applicator section, too, if you have more questions about Venetian plastering.
    Good luck!
    Lori Blomstrom, owner, Veneshe Master Venetian Plastering


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