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Can a dishwasher cycle pattern be thrown off kilter?

Ever since I swapped out the garbage disposal, my dishwasher is acting up. I have a lot of standing water in the bottom(more than normal) and the soap dispenser seems to be opening at the wrong time. When the cycle completes and I open the door the soap dispenser is open and the liquid soap is running down the door. Any ideas what might be causing this? The GE appliance is less than seven years old.

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3 Responses to “Can a dishwasher cycle pattern be thrown off kilter?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    if you replaced the disposal you need to knock out the plug wre the drain hose connects the little pipe sticking out the side of dispsal is caped of from the factory you need to take a screw driver put it in there and knock out the plug

  2. John H said :

    First, do check to see if the drain is open on the new disposal. You would not be the first to instal one without openning that drain port.

    Second, if it is a GE washer, did you receive a note from GE about a recall? They had aone for GE dishwashers beginning in May, 2007. It was to replace the wiring harness and it is possible that you have one of their machines. What happens is the rinse agent leaks inside the door (a normal occurance for which provisions are made). When it comes in contact with the wiring, it eats the plastic off until the wires are bear and can cause a fire. If your machine is covered under this recall, they will send a technician to replace it for free.

    Go to this site, enter your information and it will tell you if your machine is in the recall:

  3. getrdone said :

    Sounds to me like it is associated with the disposal. When it is draining does a lot of water come out of the thing that sits on the sink? This is an air gap. This is installed so that dishwasher does not siphon all the water out when it starts to drain. If a lot of water is coming out this device then you probably didn’t know that there is a plug in the disposal neck. This plug is put there for people who do not have a dishwasher. This plug is designed to be knocked out before you attach the drain hose. If you remove the hose and can get to it you can knock it out with a big screw driver. If you can’t get to it you might have to remove the disposal to knock it out. After knocking it out reach inside the grinder part and remove the piece that you knocked out.
    Good luck I hope this helps


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