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Am I liable to pay for damage caused to a gas pipe located in my garden while I was gardening?

I was under the impression that damage caused to gas pipes whilst carrying out general garden maintenance is not charged to customers. I look forward to your advice.

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7 Responses to “Am I liable to pay for damage caused to a gas pipe located in my garden while I was gardening?”

  1. wrenchbender19 said :

    depends on what state you live in and if you had a company mark the utility lines in your yard or not. if you were digging in your yard and hit the gas line with a shovel then you are most likely liable for the damage.

  2. rmbrruffian said :

    It doesn’t matter what kind of digging you were doing. If you damaged the pipe you are liable. Every gas provider has a phone number that you can call so that they can come and locate the pipes so that in the midst of digging, the pipes won’t be damaged. This service is free. If you don’t avail yourself of this service, the onus is on you.

  3. certified said :

    Yes you are liable.
    Always check with your utility companies. Some laws require that you contact local utility companies before digging a hole of any size on your property. Call 811, a free national “call before you dig” service. You can also go to the Common Ground Alliance website.

  4. mindshift said :

    In Texas there are regular commercials advising people to “call before you dig,” and that applies to water, gas, and underground electric lines. I have dug into my own water line before, so I made a map of all the plumbing on my lot. Likely you have already reported the leak, and have received some feedback. If not, call them again and ASK.

  5. jayktee96 said :

    If you are in the UK the pipe I believe, should have been installed 0.5m deep in soil/cultivateable areas, which is well below normal spade depth. I would expect that you are not liable. It should be an iron pipe with yellow plastic sheath or if newer type polybutelyne? hard to damage in either case!

  6. Sunflower said :

    We had exactly this problem when removing a hedge at the front of our house and replacing it with a wall. The builder found a gas pipe, intact but obviously old, only about 1ft below the surface. We called Transco, who dug up the pavement, installed new modern pipe, and reconnected it at the proper depth for safety. This took several men for several days to complete, as they had to ‘mole’ the new pipe right back to our house and they also installed a new meter. All this was free of charge, on the basis that the original installation didn’t meet current safety standards.

    How deep down did you dig? I would have thought that ordinary gardening or planting wouldn’t have revealed a pipe, unless like ours, it was wrongly installed some time ago. Anyway, you have no option but to call Transco urgently, as if the pipe is actually damaged, you’re in danger of leaks and an explosion.

  7. darl said :

    yes if its in your garden
    its your responsibility
    only whats responsible to them is the main gas pipe and the meter
    but if you damage it you have to pay them for mending it


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