After fertilising growing veggies and herbs, how long shall we wait before harvest?

In order for the chemicals clear from the plants we are going to eat.
I live in Europe and the instructions are all in European languages.
Apparently English is not EU language because the manufacturers print in German, French, Italian and Netherland.

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  1. Francis L said:

    Check the instructions on the fertilizer; you probably don’t have to wait at all.

  2. Heather B said:

    Just wash before eating. Isn’t English European?

  3. spraynwalls said:

    the chemicals in fertilizer are what make the plant. The ingredients become our food.

    Typically, most gardeners add the fertilizers and nutrients sevreal weeks before planting the garden. Besides adding nutrients, it’s important to turn the soil a few times, and add in organic material like manure or compost, so that the vegetables have at least a 2 foot deep root zone below the surface.

    If you’re growing root vegetables, such as beets and carrots, it’s NOT a good idea to add fertilizer after planting, as this will ruin the taste and viability of the plants; even killing some.

    If you’re unsure what type of nutrient to add, do a simple soil test, with a soil test kit. for the shotgun approach with chemical fertilizer, use a balanced product, one that has the same vale on all 3 numbers (15-15-15). Save the high nitrogen for the grass (25-0-0).

    If you have acid soil, add lime to increase alkalinity. If Alkaline soil, add sulfur and use fertilizers based on sulphates, such as ammonium sulphate.

    besides these basics, it helps to make your own nutrient rich compost.

    If you’ve prepared your soil correctly, installed drip irrigation, and still want to know which varieties of specific plants do weel in you area, contact the Cooperative Extension Service in your state. This is usually a state agency that can send you free information on soil, preparation, tips, soil analysis, and nutrient info for best results.


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